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81348Re: Abbreviations beginning with non-keyword character

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Aug 1 5:13 PM
      Kahn jonas wrote:
      > Abbreviations may begin with a non-id character, but there are more
      > constraints: [...]
      > That I knew. I wondered if I could have something like \al as an
      > abbreviation
      > What you can do is map the \ key to start a function which would get
      > keyboard
      > input, process it, and finally return a string to be inserted into
      > the buffer.
      > The partial sequence would probably not appear in the file window
      > though. It
      > might be possible (I'm not sure, I haven't pushed the idea to its
      > end) to have
      > it appear at the bottom, on the command/status line. I think Dr.Chip
      > is more
      > expert than I am about "crazy" mappings.
      > Thank you. I'll try to write a function that does the work. Maybe with
      > python, I can even manage to see it on the screen. I'll let poeple know
      > if I can get a solution (probably an unreadable hack)...
      > Jonas

      Don't forget the possibilities of ":imap <expr> {lhs} {rhs}" and ":imap {lhs}

      Best regards,
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