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  • panshizhu@routon.com
    Jun 3, 2007
      "Edward L. Fox" <edyfox@...> 写于 2007-06-04 10:38:30:
      > Hi Pan,
      > On 6/4/07, panshizhu@... <panshizhu@...> wrote:
      > > [...]
      > > When this is just a pain, why not just map ^A to your 1GVG<ctl-del> ?
      > >
      > Well, personally I think the thing you should do is getting familiar
      > with Vi-like editing styles, not mapping Vim to adapter your existing
      > editing styles.
      This is just an example, since the "Gene Kwiecinski" feels selete all a
      pain. You may say he should not use "select-all", but it is very likely
      that the similar senaro occurs for other keystrokes. I had many other
      examples for that.

      > but to me, combination keys with Ctrl is much more
      > difficult to press than combination keys with Shift only.
      Your mind may vary, but I feel no difference between press Shift, Alt and
      Ctrl. I feel better only when I don't have to press any "chord" keys like
      "ctrl,alt,shift" at all.

      So what I had do is:
      nnoremap ; :

      With this map, I will not have to press the "Shift+:" to enter
      command-mode, just the ";", and this saves me "thousands of keystrokes" and
      I can use vim at least 30% faster.

      You may say: "you should not use semicolon for entering command-mode, you
      should follow the vi-way to entering command-mode by shift-colon." But
      frankly speaking I don't think there's any sensible reason not using
      semicolon as the shortcut of entering command-mode. In this case,
      following the vi rule has no advantage and use shift-colon is solely

      Everyone may have a completely different set of preferences on using vim,
      since vim is designed to be a fullly-cumstomizable editor, if the
      user-preferences such as .vimrc and plugins and color-schemes are not
      loaded, chances are that the re-invented vi-clone inside browser has few

      Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606
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