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80883RE: OT: Vi in a browser...

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  • panshizhu@routon.com
    Jun 3, 2007
      "Gene Kwiecinski" <gkwiecinski@...> ε†™δΊŽ 2007-06-02 00:01:21:
      > >Personally, I don't agree with you. When editing short text
      > >items on web pages, I feel that the overhead of copying/pasting
      > >back and forth from vim is too much. I am currently using the
      > Speaking of which, is there any quicker way to visually select the
      > entire file, analogous to ^A in other systems? I have to essentially do
      > 1GVG<ctl-del>
      > to stick everything into the scratchpad/clipboard/whatever to dump it
      > back into the item from whence it originally came, and that's just a
      > pain. Well, not so much a pain as an annoying itch I can't quite reach.

      When this is just a pain, why not just map ^A to your 1GVG<ctl-del> ?

      So this come back to the topic:

      If anyone approaching to emulate vim in a browser without actually calling
      vim, will it reads your .vimrc and to know you had mapped ^A to
      1GVG<ctl-del> ? unlikely.

      Then I don't think it makes too much sense reinventing a vi-like inside

      ―― After all, javascript *is* slow and I cannot afford to pay the overhead
      in any serious application. In most web-sites, disabling javascript is just
      something like upgrade my CPU from P4 to Core 2 Duo.
      Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606
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