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80868Re: good keys for mappings

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  • John Little
    Jun 2, 2007
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      Hi all

      Tony said:

      > F2 to F12 (with the possible exception of F10), Shift-F1 to Shift-F12.

      Perhaps not the OP, but someone might find this useful.

      Vim, at least on Windows, also knows about F13, F14 and F15. I've
      never seen a keyboard with such, but registry mappings can be used to
      map the otherwise next to useless (IMO) windows keys (called "Left
      Windows", "Right Windows" and "Application") to them, and their easily
      found location may make them good for a map leader, though grossly

      (I confess the weakness, oh the shame, of using the arrow keys a lot,
      with the mouse, more shame, in my left hand, so while in this mode, I
      use the above trick to bring often used functions to hand without
      having to move my left hand from the mouse.)

      Of the various pages about this windows arcana I found
      http://www.usnetizen.com/fix_capslock.html very helpful.

      I'm curious, though. Are these keys known by Vim on Unices, so could
      be mapped with say, xmodmap?

      Regards, John
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