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80848Re: OT: Vi in a browser...

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  • Tim Chase
    Jun 1, 2007
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      > Speaking of which, is there any quicker way to visually select the
      > entire file, analogous to ^A in other systems? I have to essentially do
      > 1GVG<ctl-del>
      > to stick everything into the scratchpad/clipboard/whatever to dump it
      > back into the item from whence it originally came, and that's just a
      > pain. Well, not so much a pain as an annoying itch I can't quite reach.
      > I was thinking something along the lines of
      > %V
      > but that obviously won't work. :)

      You're so close, it could bite you :) It looks like you're
      getting hung up on expecting the solution to need visual mode
      rather than just using Ex commands.

      I frequently use


      or if I need it to go to the system clipboard,


      I use these (and their "y"anking counterparts, ":%y") so
      regularly that they're ingrained muscle-memory.

      Because the y/d Ex command takes any range, I also regularly use


      to do just from my current line to the EOF, or


      to pull from the first line through the current line.

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