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78186Re: hi Comment guifg=white guibg=black in ~/.vimrc ignored

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  • Alexander Farber
    Mar 2, 2007
      Hello all,

      I have received many nice replies, thank you!

      Unfortunately none of them worked for me yet,
      lest editing C:\Program Files\Vim\vim70\syntax\syncolor.vim
      which is not what I need (please read below why).

      May I rephrase my question please?

      Does anybody please have a line, which I could
      put into my ~/.vimrc and which would invert the
      color of Comment's in vim and gvim on any OS?

      And here is the background: I work on different
      machines (servers, PCs, laptops) and OSs (Windows,
      Cygwin, Solaris, HP, Linux and at home OpenBSD).
      And I edit c/java/perl/shell/actionscript source code.

      Until now I was very happy with my vim, because
      I could come anywhere, drop my ~/.vimrc into home dir
      (with: hi Comment term=inverse ctermfg=white
      ctermbg=black guifg=white guibg=black )

      and start working in 2 minutes (laughing at the emacs
      and other editor users, who would run around and whine,
      that something doesn't work for them).

      Unfortunately as of Vim 7.0 this does not work for me.
      And while I can edit ...\Vim\vim70\syntax\syncolor.vim
      on a PC, I don't have permissions on Unix to do that.

      So does anybody has a line for ~/.vimrc for me, so that
      I put that file on my USB-keychain and on my web server
      and can reuse it anywhere? Thank you very much


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