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78169Re: [Was :wq vs ZZ] Red Tabs

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  • Tim Chase
    Mar 1, 2007
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      > I've tried to fix it as if it was 2) or 3) but it hasn't
      > worked
      > I'm writing a piece of fortran90 code (.f90 extension) If
      > that helps I just started a fresh file and it highlights
      > the first character on each line with red (change
      > character to white) and makes all the white space before
      > it red aswell. It also highlights the 6th "space" of every
      > line orange.
      > What's happening?
      > I don't remember it doing this before

      Thumbing through the $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/fortran.vim syntax
      definition, it looks like there are some bits in there for
      performing column-oriented coloring.

      I suspect it's the

      syn match fortranLabelError "^.\{-,4}[^0-9 ]"

      that's causing the trouble. Fortunately, it looks like you
      can add a line to your vimrc something like

      let fortran_have_tabs=1

      which may solve matters.

      You can read more than any sane person should want at

      :help fortran

      particularly the section about "Tabs in fortran files".

      Hope this helps,

      (successfully avoiding Fortran and Cobol for over 10 years!)
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