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78168Re: [Was :wq vs ZZ] Red Tabs

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  • Brewtal100
    Mar 1, 2007
      Thanks very much for your help

      I've tried to fix it as if it was 2) or 3) but it hasn't worked

      I'm writing a piece of fortran90 code (.f90 extension) If that helps
      I just started a fresh file and it highlights the first character on each
      line with red (change character to white) and makes all the white space
      before it red aswell. It also highlights the 6th "space" of every line

      What's happening?
      I don't remember it doing this before

      > Could someone please suggest why whenever I press the tab key
      > to indent, the whitespace is coloured red? How can I get rid
      > of this?

      There are a couple possibilities:

      1) you're editing a file whose syntax-highlighting definition
      prescribes highlighting whitespace

      2) you've got search-highlighting triggered (usually by (a)
      having it enabled and (b) searching for a tab)

      3) you've got a syntax-match specified.

      To solve #2, you can

      1) search for something different
      2) temporarily disable search highlightin (":noh")
      3) turn it off all-together (":set nohls")

      To solve #3, you can

      :match none

      Solving #1 is a little trickier, as it depends on what your
      current syntax/file-type is:

      :set ft?

      By knowing the filetype, one can track down how the mapping to a
      color is getting created, and how to override that color.

      If #2 and #3 don't solve the problem, the ":set ft?" results will
      help track down what's going on.



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