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77075Re: Editing during compiling

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  • Tom Whittock
    Jan 31, 2007
      > Is there any possibility of editing during compiling like in Visual
      > Studio, also seeing the errorlist growing during compiling?

      Hi Peter.

      I'd like this too. I started looking into it, but the partial solution
      I have is ugly, and can't find a way around not being able to
      programmatically update the quickfix list from inside vim. Hopefully
      I'm missing something obvious. This response is to see if anyone else
      on the list can turn me around in the right direction.

      split test
      sil !python test.py > test &
      call setbufvar('test', '&autoread', 1)
      au CursorMoved,CursorMovedI * checktime test
      au CursorHold,CursorHoldI * checktime test

      It seems to update the test buffer every 2-3 seconds on my machine,
      with heavy cursor movement to keep the autocommands running.

      The test python script just prints an integer every second for 5
      seconds, flushing stdout regularly.

      I just had a thought: we could add:
      call setbufvar('test', '&makeprg', 'cat %')
      au FileChangedShell test make

      But that won't work, because it'll refresh the quick fix list in the
      middle of using it, in theory, and it's ugly as sin.

      After all that, I'm not sure I want it anymore - too much like real
      work, and way too ugly - I don't want to think about the performance
      implications of these autocommands. :(
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