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76556RE: gvim window maximize in freebsd6

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  • Vu The Cuong
    Jan 7, 2007
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      thanks for quick response :D

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      Subject: Re: gvim window maximize in freebsd6

      vuthecuong wrote:
      > In windows, this command " au GUIEnter * simalt ~x " will make gvim
      > window to become maximize.
      > How about in freebsd? When I used above command in freebsd, it cannot
      > maximize Thanks in advanced

      ":simalt ~x" simulates "Alt-Space x", invoking that menu, if there is
      any. It is not cross-language, and, as you saw, not always

      The command

      if has("gui_running")
      set lines=9999 columns=9999

      will enlarge the GUI screen to within one character cell of the OS

      Ordering of statements may be important:
      1) set 'guifont' (which changes the character cell's pixel size)
      2) set 'lines' and 'columns'
      3) set '(no)equalalways', 'winheight', 'winminheight' etc. (which depend
      on the Vim screen size).

      Best regards,
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