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76551Re: Hello world & vim related software

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Jan 6, 2007
      Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
      > You learnt me something... But actually I don't use one session file but
      > several, one for each project I have. My applet allows me to launch vim
      > with the right files, and to quickly switch between projects, as an IDE
      > would do with project files I imagine (I never used an IDE).
      > Regards
      > Adrien BUSTANY

      I don't use session files at all, but I have several projects. One has a
      "project vimrc" invoked by -u and which in turn sources ~/.vimrc ; the others
      are simply started (by command-lines memorized in the kde Alt-F2 "Execute"
      widget) as e.g. "gvim -o3 file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt".

      Best regards,
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