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  • Adrien BUSTANY
    Jan 6, 2007
      [ This message is an ad for a GPLed software I wrote for my everyday vim
      usage. You've been warned :-) ]
      Hi there,
      Since the day I discovered sessions with vim I cannot live without them.
      I wanted a quick way to launch gvim -S mysessionfile and couldn't find
      one, so I developed a little app based on GTK 2.10 which answers my needs.
      The app sits in the tray (I believe it's freedesktop compatible though
      I'm not sure). You can use it to register where your vim session files
      are, and then it makes them available through a simple popup menu. That
      way, all your projects will stand one click away :)
      The homepage is http://mymadcat.com/vimsessions/
      I hope you'll enjoy this tiny piece of software, which is still in an
      early state. I'll accept any kind of contribution. It will work on
      linux, and maybe win32, and even maybe on Mac OS X.
      Adrien BUSTANY
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