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76471Re: g?vim and bizarre font request.

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  • Tim Chase
    Jan 4, 2007
      > (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))
      > should mean it takes about 650ms for someone to see there are 5
      > close parentheses at the end. It takes me about 3 seconds of
      > concious effort to reach that number. Moving the cursor over them
      > is one option, but it is slower. I think another might be if I can
      > find a font and a means of displaying it which slightly disturbs the
      > spacing, position or shape of successive parentheses, so the pattern is
      > irregular. Then when the characters appear to "move about" for me I
      > won't mix them up and come to a wrong count. I'm thinking of the
      > way text used to be just a bit wobbly with the line printers of the
      > 1980's.
      > Given my preferred editor is Vim, and I'm using it on Windows, mostly
      > with PuTTY talking to a Unix box, does anyone know if I can do this?
      > Maybe there's another solution?

      Well, when coming in over a SSH connection, there's not much you
      can do to make the font itself change. However, you can colorize
      differently. Toying around, I came up with this:

      :match Error /)\zs)/

      which seems to correctly highlight alternating adjacent parents
      (using the "Error" group, which I tend to use, but adjust
      according to taste). My original though was to try and do
      something of the form "\%1c(\|%3c(\|%5c(\|..." for alternating
      screen columns, but I like the compactness of the actual solution
      I gave, as well as its ability to work regardless of the number
      of columns in your terminal window.

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