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76469g?vim and bizarre font request.

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  • Hugh Sasse
    Jan 4, 2007
      I am interested in exploring Lisp before too long. However, I
      have a physical problem with the parentheses. My nystagmus
      means that just outside the subitizing range my time to count
      parentheses increases dramatically. According to wikipedia
      it should increase at roughly 100ms below 4 and 250 milliseconds for
      every item above 4. So this code from Wikipedia:

      (defun factorial (n)
      (if (<= n 1)
      (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))

      should mean it takes about 650ms for someone to see there are 5
      close parentheses at the end. It takes me about 3 seconds of
      concious effort to reach that number. Moving the cursor over them
      is one option, but it is slower. I think another might be if I can
      find a font and a means of displaying it which slightly disturbs the
      spacing, position or shape of successive parentheses, so the pattern is
      irregular. Then when the characters appear to "move about" for me I
      won't mix them up and come to a wrong count. I'm thinking of the
      way text used to be just a bit wobbly with the line printers of the

      Given my preferred editor is Vim, and I'm using it on Windows, mostly
      with PuTTY talking to a Unix box, does anyone know if I can do this?
      Maybe there's another solution?

      Thank you
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