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  • AOYAMA Shotaro
    Jan 3 10:28 AM
      Gary Johnson wrote:
      >Does your plugin use the CursorHold or CursorMoved autocommand?
      >Does your plugin move the cursor after the user has moved it, then
      >restore the user's cursor position?
      >Normally, vim remembers that your cursor was in column 17 (over the
      >'O') when you moved it to the empty line and moves the cursor back
      >to column 17 when you move it again to the next line having 17 or
      >more columns. If, when the cursor is at the first column of that
      >blank line, your plugin executes a command that remembers the cursor
      >position, moves the cursor someplace else, then restores the cursor
      >position, vim thinks the user has deliberately moved the cursor to
      >column 1 and uses that "desired column number" when the user
      >subsequently moves the cursor to the next line. This leaves the
      >cursor in column 1 when you think it should have moved back to
      >column 17.
      >I think this problem can be solved by using the winsaveview()
      >function to save the cursor and view information before moving the
      >cursor, then using the winrestview() function to restore the cursor
      >and view. These functions are new with vim 7.0 and I haven't tried
      >them yet.

      Yes, I use CursorMoved autocommand and winsaveview() to
      save the view information.

      I have tried the plugin on vim with the newest patches and with
      options -u NONE -N, then it looked to be working correctly.
      Maybe some plugin interfered it?

      Anyway thank you for advice, Gary.


      AOYAMA Shotaro
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