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76356Re: I have got one "ml_get" error

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  • Akria Sheng
    Dec 27, 2006
      Akria Sheng wrote:
      > I have got one error to crash vim.
      > It happened when meet the following condition:
      > A. must in Linux(solaris and winxp is OK)
      > B. vim7.0(6.4 is ok)
      > C. open one huge file(exceed 368710 bytes) then type ":sp ./"
      > In general, it will split one window to show the filebrowse.
      > But Vim will crash.
      > I don't know how to avoid this crash.
      > There are two appendixed report file:
      > http://www.nabble.com/file/971/bugreport.txt bugreport.txt
      > http://www.nabble.com/file/972/buginfo.txt buginfo.txt

      I have done the further test myself, and found some different result.
      The situation make the error is different.
      1. must in Linux(solaris and winxp is OK)
      2. vim6.4/7.0 both
      3. open one huge file(exceed 368710 bytes)
      4. :new
      5. :file test_file_name
      6. :setlocal noswf
      7. :%g/test/echo 'test'
      8. type something => crash

      I have some way to make the error disappear.
      A. Open one small file in step 3.
      B. Or exchange the order of step 5, 6.
      C. Or don't execute 'global' command to try a pattern that don't exist in
      the new buffer

      So I adjust the content of "netrw.vim", version 103i, to avoid the error.
      I move the "setlocal noswf"(line #3590) to above the line #3587.
      Then the "sp ./" is work.
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