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75269Re: Win32 COMSPEC args don't reconfig on COMSPEC resest

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  • Yongwei Wu
    Nov 2, 2006
      On 11/3/06, Charles E Campbell Jr <drchip@...> wrote:
      > Linda W wrote:
      > > I changed my COMSPEC on win32 to C:\bin\bash.exe.
      > (snip)
      > Hello!
      > If I use Windows, I tend to use cygwin. I don't suppose you're using
      > cygwin, as I don't think
      > you'd need to mess with COMSPEC for it. Anyway, I see Anthony M has
      > given you some good
      > clues. The following code snippet is what I use with cygwin's bash;
      > perhaps it'll give you a start.
      > set shell=bash
      > set shq=
      > set sxq=\"
      > set ssl
      > set shcf=-c
      > set sp=>&

      FYI. In Windows there are a lot of gotchas when there are special
      symbols on the command line, esp. if the shell is not cmd.exe. When
      the shell is (ba)sh, try some commands like

      :echo system('echo "hel&lo"')

      and you know the pain.

      Cmd has problems too. With (ba)sh, it is even more painful, since
      there is no way to *escape*.

      Not a problem of sh itself, since it works perfectly under Cygwin or
      Linux. Calling sh in a Windows program is.

      Best regards,

      Wu Yongwei
      URL: http://wyw.dcweb.cn/
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