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75168How to load a file into a tab with 'vim '

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  • Meino Christian Cramer
    Oct 31, 2006
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      The subject says it all :)

      I want to load a file into a tab when starting vim from the console
      (termulator under X) with that file given on the commandline.

      Another thing (not included in the subject :O)))
      When starting vim as above but without an argument and loading
      a file into vim with

      :e tab sp <filename>

      then, I always get a tab called [No Name] and the second one is the
      tab of the file I want to edit.

      Is there a way to avoid the "No Name" buffer...it make the option
      "showtabline" a little superflous (only my two cents...), because
      there is alway an additional buffer ("No Name") even when loading
      only one file into a tab...

      Thank you very much in advance for any :h ! :))

      Keep :hacking!
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