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74067Re: Problem with accents

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Oct 1, 2006
      Giovanni Funchal wrote:
      > Hello all!
      > I've recently installed kubuntu linux over vmware, then I used the
      > adept package manager to install the following packages (6.4-006)
      > vim
      > vim-gtk
      > vim-gui-common
      > vim-latexsuite
      > vim-runtime
      > I have a french keyboard, and accents works everywhere: terminal,
      > openoffice, etc
      > BUT when I try to edit a latex .tex file with gvim, I can't type
      > accentuated letters like "é" and "à"!!!!
      > Accents work with other file types.
      > Any idea?
      > Kind regards,
      > Giovanni

      Check your mappings. Open a latex file, then do both

      :verbose map
      :verbose map!

      Check the left-hand side of mappings for accented letters. I suspect you might
      have mappings for Alt-something key combos, which would collide with
      upper-half Latin1 / Latin9 / Windows-1252 letters.

      You may want to redirect the output of these commands to a file or a register
      (see ":help :redir") so you can examine it at your leisure. In Vim 7, under
      each mapping you'll see which script (if any) created it. (Nothing for
      mappings entered at the command-line.)

      If anything is mapped to à é etc., you may want to unmap it using variants of
      the ":unmap" command (see ":help map-overview"), and possibly to remap it to
      something less controversial (like the Fn keys, with or without Shift). If the
      mappings were created by some latex or tex plugin not written by you, you may
      also want to contact the script maintainer to tell him that his mappings
      conflict with the accented letters of continental European languages.

      Best regards,
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