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71992Re: Problem with (backslash) - Update

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Aug 2, 2006
      cga2000 wrote:
      > On Tue, Jul 04, 2006 at 02:24:35AM EDT, cga2000 wrote:
      >> I have the vimspell plugin installed and I am able to use the ':'
      >> commands but the \.. shorcuts are not working the way I expected:
      >> If I type \sA to start autospell mode for instance I get:
      >> . a beep for the backslash
      >> . a switch to insert mode for the s
      >> . an inserted capital "A"
      > Apparently, after I type the backslash Vim waits for ensuing
      > characters. If none are entered before a timeout expires Vim acts on
      > the "\".
      > Since when I do this I am in "command" mode and "\" by itself is not
      > mapped to anything .. Vim beeps .. complaining I entered a command he
      > knows nothing about.
      > Then Vim processes the "s" -- deleting the character under the cursor
      > and switching to insert mode .. and since I am now in insert mode..
      > inserts an "A"
      > Questions:
      > 1. Is the above interpretation correct?
      > 2. Is there any way I can increase the timeout?
      > 3. If not, what's a good substitute <leader> for the backslash?
      > Thanks
      > cga

      :help 'timeout'
      :help 'ttimeout'
      :help 'timeoutlen'
      :help 'ttimeoutlen'

      For instance, to time out mappings after 10 seconds but keyboard
      auto-generated key sequences (for special keys in some terminals) after
      0.25 seconds:

      :set timeout timeoutlen=10000 ttimeoutlen=250

      The 'ttimeoutlen' setting should be large enough for your hardware
      (including the communication line if you're using Vim on a remote
      machine); 'timeoutlen' should be large enough for your typing speed
      (including hesitations).

      Best regards,
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