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71938RE: netrw v103b

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  • Hugo Ahlenius
    Aug 2 12:28 AM
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      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the response, I have just updated vimball + netrw again...

      | >* URLs with question marks in them, like
      | >http://www.grida.no/products.cfm?pageID=13
      | I just tried it; this appears to work (under linux). Is there still a
      | problem with windows/cygwin?

      This is still a problem under windows/non-cygwin (I haven't tried under
      cygwin). I get "E480: No match[...]"

      | >* FTP listings from a windows ftp server
      | I think the current version addresses this.

      I just tried, and it doesn't seem like that. MS Windows IIS/ftp server
      return a non-standard directory listing by default (can be set to do a
      unix-type dir listing), and netrw is not parsing them properly. This should
      be easy to test, one just needs to start up the ftp service on a windows
      machine to see this...

      | >* a http url with a trailing slash starts an ftp session, like
      | >http://maps.grida.no/arctic/
      | The trailing slash indicates to netrw that its supposed to be handling
      | a directory. Netrw only supports two methods for browsing
      | directories: ftp and ssh. If the file transfer protocol is either http
      | or ftp, then ftp is used (for browsing). If the file transfer
      | protocol is anything else, then ssh is used. Attempts to use wget or
      | curl (two of the programs used to handle http://... ) doesn't yield a
      | listing.
      | Perhaps you want netrw to attach an "index.html" automatically?

      The "http" prefix should tell that this is a URL that should be retrieved
      using the http protocol and nothing else. A URL with a trailing slash is
      still a fully valid URL, and doesn't not signify directories or anything
      like that on the www. I would really like netrw to just pass any
      http-prefixed URLs directly to curl/wget, and definately not attaching
      anything to them! :)

      Cheers and thanks,

      Hugo Ahlenius
      fraxinus (at) oxel.net
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