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71921Re: netrw v103b

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Aug 1, 2006
      Hugo Ahlenius wrote:

      >I just upgraded netrw to netrw 103b from Charles Campbell's web-site. Now it
      >seems like opening a directory by just trying to edit it doesn't work, like
      >it used to:
      > :e c:\
      >Could there be an autocommand that is missing? The only message I get is
      >"Illegal file name". Browsing directories works through the "Explore"
      >command though.

      Be sure to remove all previous installations of netrw. The current
      version (v103c as of last night)
      and subsequent vim distributions should no longer have this problem.
      After removal of all previous
      installations of netrw, in particular the netrw that is made available
      from the standard vim distribution,
      then do a netrw install.

      Also: there's been a small change in vimballs; you'll need the latest
      vimball plugin to handle it properly.
      The vimball v18a is backwards compatible -- ie. it can read older
      vimballs, but v17 and earlier vimball
      will have trouble with the newer vimballs.

      >Charles -- if you read this, here are some things that are still outstanding
      >-- do you have any plans to fix these?
      >* URLs with question marks in them, like

      I just tried it; this appears to work (under linux). Is there still a
      problem with windows/cygwin?

      >* FTP listings from a windows ftp server
      I think the current version addresses this.

      >* a http url with a trailing slash starts an ftp session, like

      The trailing slash indicates to netrw that its supposed to be handling a
      directory. Netrw only supports
      two methods for browsing directories: ftp and ssh. If the file transfer
      protocol is either http or ftp,
      then ftp is used (for browsing). If the file transfer protocol is
      anything else, then ssh is used. Attempts
      to use wget or curl (two of the programs used to handle http://... )
      doesn't yield a listing. Perhaps you
      want netrw to attach an "index.html" automatically?

      Chip Campbell
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