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71908netrw v103b

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  • Hugo Ahlenius
    Jul 31, 2006

      I just upgraded netrw to netrw 103b from Charles Campbell's web-site. Now it
      seems like opening a directory by just trying to edit it doesn't work, like
      it used to:
      :e c:\

      Could there be an autocommand that is missing? The only message I get is
      "Illegal file name". Browsing directories works through the "Explore"
      command though.

      (I am on gvim 7.0 on WinXP, non-cygwin)

      Charles -- if you read this, here are some things that are still outstanding
      -- do you have any plans to fix these?

      * URLs with question marks in them, like
      * FTP listings from a windows ftp server
      * a http url with a trailing slash starts an ftp session, like

      Hugo Ahlenius
      fraxinus (at) oxel.net
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