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71344Re: Can't put text with P, but p still works

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  • Dr Bean
    Jul 14, 2006
      On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Yakov Lerner wrote:

      > On 7/14/06, Dr Bean <lang@...> wrote:
      > >On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > >> On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 10:02:48AM +0800, Dr Bean wrote:
      > >> > map P reveals no mappings.

      > >> > This is the vim on Fedora Core 3.

      > >> > :version
      > >> > VIM - Vi IMproved 6.3 (2004 June 7, compiled Oct 19 2004 17:17:57)
      > >> > 適用済パッチ: 1-21, 23-24, 26, 28-30
      > >> > Modified by <bugzilla@...>
      > >> > Compiled by <bugzilla@...>
      > >> > Huge 版 without GUI. 機能の一覧 有効(+)/無効(-)

      > >> Please try starting vim with

      > >> $ vim -u NONE

      > >> and see whether the problem persists. If it does, please give a very
      > >> explicit example of how "p" works but "P" does not.

      > >It appears to be a sessions problem. I only have it when I run
      > >vim -S Sessions.vim.

      > >With vim -u NONE -U NONE the problem with P in a session goes away. BUt I
      > >get
      > >vi-undo with u.

      > >This suggests session monkeying with cpoptions is to blame.

      > >And I have in my vimrc:

      This is actually the system vimrc. I don't have a ~/.vimrc.

      > >map \P :set paste!<CR>: se paste?<CR>

      > >And although P doesn't do anything except in ex: mode, I see it is
      > >toggling
      > >the paste option.

      > >I wonder if this is cpo flag B.

      > It does. I don't know it whis is intended behaviour or not,
      > but your problem goes away if you do
      > set cpo+=B
      > Can you verify that your &cpo has no 'B' ? Mine 'cpo' does.

      I have cpoptions=aABeFsM
      In a session, cpoptions=aABeFs, the vim default apparently.

      B is present both times, so it looks like the explantaion is more

      With -u NONE -U NONE,

      > The small experiment shows this:
      > 1. :set cpo+=B
      > :nmap \P :echo "abc"<cr>
      > \P shows abc on commandline
      > P does not

      Yes, I get the same outside a session.

      > 2. :set cpo+=B
      I think you mean :set cpo-=B
      > :nmap \P :echo "abc"<cr>
      > P shows abc on commandline !!!
      > \P shows abc on commandline

      Yes, I get the same outside a session.

      > I don't know whether this is intended or bug.
      > >From the text that descibes 'B' flag of 'cpo', it
      > does not follow that without B backslash shall
      > ignored in rhs of mapping.

      Yes, it's a bit difficult to reconcile the two.

      A number of plugins change cpo. I seem to have broken Luc
      Hermitte's bracketing macros with my own changes.

      On another machine I am getting:

      Error detected while processing function <SNR>15_LoadBrackets..Trigger_Function..Trigger_DoSwitch..Brackets:
      line 70:
      E10: \ should be followed by /, ? or &

      The help says this is often caused by command-line continutation
      being disabled by the C flag.

      Perhaps all these cpo anomalies are a symptom of
      my careless hacking.

      Dr Bean All teaching is teaching
      under difficult circumstances.
      --Dr Bean
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