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71095Re: set textwidth=80 and c mode

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  • Paul Drynoff
    Jul 7, 2006
      On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 10:45:54 -0400
      Charles E Campbell Jr <drchip@...> wrote:
      > Do you have something like
      > filetype plugin indent on
      > in your <.vimrc>?
      > When I put
      > set tw=80
      > into my .vim/ftplugin/c/c.vim file, and then edited something.c,
      > the textwidth was then 80 instead of 0 as it normally is.
      My .vimrc is very simple:
      set autoindent
      set wildmenu

      set wcm=<Tab>
      also I add
      $ cat .vim/ftplugin/c.vim
      set textwidth=30

      and that's all

      > You can try editing something.c yourself, and then trying
      > :verbose set tw?
      > to find out where it was set last.
      It tell that it set it last time in
      but it doesn't work.
      It only works if I start vim like this:
      vim +'set formatoptions=vt' /tmp/1.c
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