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70976ANN: VST 1.0 Finally

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  • Mikolaj Machowski
    Jul 1, 2006

      Vim7 required.

      VST is script which makes possible to export text files with simple
      markup to HTML, LaTeX or HTML S5 presentation format to create even
      complex documents. Script doesn't require any external dependency and
      will work on any platform Vim7 is available. VST is Vim only
      implementation of reStructuredText.

      Latest version of script files and documentation in text form:


      - 12 Mar 2006 - **1.0-beta22** announcement

      - ADD: S5 document by George V. Reilly to show how it should be done
      - ADD: UTF-8 BULLET characters (without math symbols) are recognized as
      unordered lists bullets
      - ADD: support for "stacked" links_
      - ADD: [LaTeX] support for `custom roles`_
      - ADD: support for non-breaking space character
      - FIX: mangled URLs with excessive underscores
      - FIX: use 'fileencoding' when exists instead of 'encoding'
      - FIX: start processing only when format was properly declared
      - FIX: fix :Vst rep auxiliary command
      - FIX: show first line of paragraphs when folding by paragraph
      - FIX: various fixes

      List of changes with working links to documentation:


      Supported elements of inline markup:

      - emphasised text (italic)
      - strongly emphasised text (bold)
      - hyperlinks (in various syntax forms)
      - custom decorations (among them: sub, sup, big, small)

      Elements of documents structure:

      - paragraphs
      - block quotes
      - ordered lists
      - unordered lists
      - option lists
      - footnotes
      - citations
      - images
      - preformatted text
      - colorized preformatted text (HTML export only)
      - tables
      - admonitions
      - table of contents

      Also bunch of auxiliary commands which should ease writing of document and
      navigating (folding, text table of contents, lists or declared links,

      Latest version of script files and documentation in text form:

      To install, place archive in ~/.vim directory and unpack it there.

      Following versions of help file was produced without any modifications to
      HTML or LaTeX source:


      LaTeX file exported from vst.txt:

      PDF file produced from vst.tex:

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