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67205Re: Suggestion about the line-ending detection without the last CRLF

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  • panshizhu@routon.com
    Apr 2, 2006
      "Wu Yongwei" <wuyongwei@...> wrote on 2006.04.03 12:49:31:
      > OK, I see that you are right. Check this page: http://www.cnet.com.au/
      > Although I guess it intends to have Windows line endings, some of its
      > lines (8 out of 973) end with only LF. Sorry that I did not find it
      > earlier and not check carefully enough.
      > If Vim is designed for the mass, I would suggest to add some code to
      > handle this case. Since I do not think Bram will sacrifice consistency
      > for this trivia (though it happens a lot), it seems I have to give up
      > now.
      > However, I still wonder if there is any room for improvement....
      > Best regards,
      > Yongwei

      IMO the improvement may be: write autocommand script to cope with this?

      i.e. automatically remove all the ^M if a buffer opend with ff=unix ?

      In the Unix world, the program should provide mechanism, not policy. So it
      is unlikely that the feature be supplied inside vim executable, but the
      run-control scripts could do the job if you wish.

      Pan, Shizhu. ext: 2221
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