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66266Re: GVim 7.0aa Segfaulting in font dialog

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    Mar 1, 2006
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      A. S. Budden wrote:
      > Sorry for the confusion everyone: I use Arch Linux, but have a dual
      > boot to Windows and always kinda liked the Lucida Console font, so I
      > copied it across to the other partition.
      > Al

      So it's a Windows font on a Linux system. Maybe that's the problem. Try
      using the "lucidatypewriter" (or maybe Lucida Typewriter) font instead,
      it's often available out-of-the-box on Linux, and it is almost identical
      to what Windows calls Lucida Console. If you don't already have it
      installed, try to find it on your Linux install disks (or whatever your
      Linux distro came on).

      Best regards,
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