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66261Re: GVim 7.0aa Segfaulting in font dialog

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    Feb 28, 2006
      panshizhu@... wrote:
      > Bram@... wrote on 2006.02.28 00:30:04:
      >>> Console. If I choose Lucida Console, as soon as I click the name of
      >>> the font, gvim crashes with:
      >>> Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV
      >>> Vim: Finished.
      >>> Segmentation fault
      >>> I've tried this with "gvim -u NONE" as the command line, but it makes
      >>> no difference at all.
      >>> As for me, I'm going to stick with Bitstream Vera Sans Mono for now!
      >> I don't have this font. The other Lucida fonts I have work fine.
      >> Can you try compiling with "-g" instead of "-O2" and use gdb to find out
      >> where the crash occurs? If it still happens without optimizer...
      >> You may have to disable Perl and Python to get sensible debugging info,
      >> multi-threading makes this difficult.
      > "Lucida Console" is provided with all Windows distributions, If he
      > mentioned the font "Lucida Console", I think he is running Windows, so, gdb
      > may not be available.

      A similar-looking font is called lucidatypewriter on Linux; but the
      actual binary font file might be different. OTOH I don't see "Bitstream
      Vera Sans Mono" on my XP distribution so I thought the OP was on Unix
      and had maybe downloaded a "Lucida Console" font from third-party
      source. Actually I don't know.

      There is a native-W32 gdb for MinGW and also a gdb for Cygwin using the
      cygwin1.dll. It is often better to debug with the debugger that came
      with whatever compiler was used (gdb with gcc, Turbo Debug with the
      Borland compiler, etc.). Since Cygwin gcc for native-Windows can be
      regarded as a cross-compiler, it might be an exception.

      Best regards,
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