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  • iler_ml@fastmail.fm
    Jan 31, 2006
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      "Benji Fisher" <benji@...> said:
      > A. J. Mechelynck wrote:
      > > Tony Berkopes wrote:
      > > > What is the best way to have all windows open vertical? Typing
      > > > :vs<CR> works after the file(s) are loaded. I would like any split
      > > > commands to force a vertical split.
      > >
      > > :cabbrev h vertical help
      > > :cabbrev sp vsplit
      > >...
      > I am nervous about using :cabbrev or :cmap . What happens if I
      > take this suggestion and then try
      > :e myfile.sp

      Some weeeks ago, there was example of cmap/cabbrev that is expanded
      only at the beginning of the command line. I think this is very useful.
      Using such thing, you can safely redefine commands or define command
      containing characters which are normally not allowed in cmd name (e.g.

      I cannot find it in the archive at ther moment, or to reproduce it.
      ( It was about remapping the :/(slash at the beginning of cmd line)).
      How to make such mapping again ? Which expression checks if cursor
      is at the beginning of cmd line ?



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