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  • Harry Putnam
    Dec 1, 2005
      Chris Allen <c.d.allen@...> writes:

      > On 01/12/05, Harry Putnam <reader@...> wrote:
      >> You are speaking of gvim here right? But I don't normally use gvim.
      >> I prefer plain vim from too much work in console mode.
      > No, the advice given applies to console Vim running within XTerm.
      > XTerm can make mouse events visible to console applications. Under
      > GVim all that stuff Just Works(TM) without any special configuration
      > or build options.
      > Yegappan was quite right, above, you *can* also paste using the X11
      > clip board and keys. I believe that requires you to have +X built
      > into your console (yes, console) Vim, as well. See :help
      > xterm-clipboard for more information. I had forgotten about that
      > since it is yet another shiny feature which my system does not support

      I'm not seeing either of above here. I've never had a setup where the
      modeline could be manipulated with mouse when running plain vim in an
      xterm. But I have, in the past been able to paste with middle mouse
      from xterm output to a vim instance running in another xterm without
      any special stuff such as has been described here.

      Yegappan s suggestion does not paste at all here. That is, if I have
      an instance of vim running in an xterm and in input mode. Now
      highlight text in a different xterm with left mouse.

      In vim press C-R C-O at this point I get the `"' and then I guess I'm
      supposed to type an asterisk and hit enter.

      Here no pasting occurs. Only a screen flash like a visual bell type

      The help manual says C-R C-O * <ENTER> is supposed to be the same as
      pasting with middlemouse, but here that is not the case. It pastes
      nothing for me, whereas middle mouse pastes the clipboard text but has
      the stepping problem.
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