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63794Re: pastetoggle

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  • Harry Putnam
    Dec 1, 2005
      "Charles E. Campbell, Jr." <drchip@...> writes:

      >>I'm guessing there is some other way to make pasting smooth without
      >>the hack (paste toggle)...
      > Assuming you have :set mouse=a in your .vimrc:
      > noremap <middlemouse> :set paste<cr><middlemouse>:set nopaste<cr>

      I'm probably being very dense here but I don't see what this is
      supposed to do.

      Once I've set mouse=a. I can no longer paste at all with mouse

      Then following with:
      noremap <middlemouse> :set paste<cr><middlemouse>:set nopaste<cr>

      I still cannot paste at all with mouse.
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