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63143Re: Caps Lock

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  • Tim Chase
    Nov 1, 2005
      > I don't think there is a way to do that. However you could
      > avoid CAPS LOCK all together...
      > mp
      > i
      > TYPE TEXT
      > :'p,'.s/.*/\U&/

      Well, there's also visually highlighting the text and pressing
      "U" to force the selected text to be highlighted.

      Additionally, if it's all a paragraph (delineated by blank lines
      above and below), you can use


      to uppercase the entire paragraph. If it's just a sentence
      (":help sentence"), you can use


      Or for that matter, any other text object or motion should do
      just fine with the "gU" command.

      :help gU
      :he is
      :he ip
      :he text-objects

      for some pointers on these.

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