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  • Robert Cussons
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Hi all,

      don't know how difficult or possible this is to do, but here goes!

      I sometimes want to write a large amount of test in capitals so I turn
      on Caps Lock, but then I want to use commands and forget that Caps Lock
      is on and obviously get unexpected results. Is there a way to get Vim to
      ignore Caps Lock when in command mode, but still allow me to press
      <shift> + o for example to get O in command mode, with Caps Lock on.
      Example to clarify the above:
      I am typing away with Caps Lock on, then I enter command mode and want
      to put in a blank line above the one I am on, so I want the command for
      this to still be <shift> + o, even though I have Caps Lock turned on.
      Hope at least someone can understand what I mean!
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