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62287Re: Emacs-like mappings

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  • Matt Rechkemmer
    Oct 1, 2005
      On Sat, Oct 01, 2005 at 07:43:58AM -0500, Tim Chase wrote:
      > The other mapping, using the C-c is going to fail, as Vim seems
      > to treat ^C as an "abort this mapping" command. Thus, it sees
      > the ^X as a leader for a pending command, and then sees the ^C as
      > an "abort this attempt at a command".

      I guess that knocks out my ability to have C-x C-c functionality.

      > Additionally, depending on which version of Vim, ^S may not be
      > mappable (mapable? mapible? mappible? is it a word?), as it,
      > along with ^Q are know to be flow-control characters. The
      > terminal may intercept them before they get to Vim and prevent
      > Vim from seeing them. The mapping worked in my Win32 gvim, and
      > likely works on Win32 console vim as well as *nix gvim. However,
      > with *nix console vim, you may see problems.

      I'm using VIM 6.3 (6.3.071 according to Debian). I couldn't get C-x C-s to
      work either. I've been trying to get off my Emacs crutch, and fully move to
      VIM. I suppose I could just get used to the VIM equivalents, but it would
      have been nice to map them...

      Thanks for the help!

      Matt Rechkemmer
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