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61333Re: Minimum buffer size.

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  • Gareth Oakes
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Hi Groleo,

      Groleo Marius wrote:
      > 'lo.
      > Is it possible so a buffer could be resized so only it's statusLine
      > would be visible?

      I have a couple of commands setup in my vimrc for "rolodex" mode:

      command Rolo set noequalalways winheight=99999 winminheight=0
      command NoRolo set equalalways winheight=4 winminheight=1

      This sounds very similar to what you want, give it a try. You can use
      ":Rolo" and ":NoRolo" to turn the rolodex mode on/off. When you click
      on a "minimised" status bar it will open that window up fully.

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