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60060Re: color scheme switcher

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  • tlink
    Jul 6, 2005
      Steve Felt wrote:
      > Could a button be mapped to rotate through installed color schemes? Is
      > vim aware of the files in ~/.vim, ~/.vim/colors etc?

      Not exactly what you were asking for but ColorSchemeExplorer could be of
      some help here.

      " Name Of File: csExplorer.vim
      " Description: Color Scheme Explorer Vim Plugin
      " Maintainer: Jeff Lanzarotta (delux256-vim at yahoo dot com)
      " Last Changed: Thursday, 09 June 2005
      " Version: 7.0.1
      " Usage: Normally, this file should reside in the plugins
      " directory and be automatically sourced. If not, you must
      " manually source this file using ':source csExplorer.vim'.
      " You may use the default command of
      " ":ColorSchemeExplorer" - Opens ColorSchemeExplorer
      " For more help see supplied documentation.
      " History: See supplied documentation.

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