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60022Re: Mapping the > character

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  • Antony Scriven
    Jul 1, 2005
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      On Jun 30, David Fishburn wrote:

      > Vim 6.3.75 WinXP SP2
      > Standard usage:
      > :map <C-F1> :do something<CR>
      > But what if you want to use the "<" and ">" keys in your map?
      > Really I wanted CTRL->, but I do not believe we can use
      > that key since if I type:
      > :<C-V><C->> (^V, followed by ^>)
      > I do not get any output, so I assume this means I cannot
      > map that key.
      > So I tried ALT->, using ^V I can see this has a value.
      > So I can map it using ^V and then the character.
      > However, I do not like doing this since it is not
      > particularily self documenting. Is there anyway to map
      > these characters while escaping them (or something).

      Try typing a ^V M-> in a buffer and then use ga to see what
      it is. Just a quick check: you are typing M-> and not M-.
      right? In gvim on W32 I find mapping <M-.> and <M->> works

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