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59609Re: When do buffer variables become undefined?

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  • Hari Krishna Dara
    Jun 2, 2005
      On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 at 10:03pm, Eric Arnold wrote:

      > As I understand it, buffer variables are local and persistent to each Vim
      > buffer in which the script is executed, so once defined, they should be
      > valid until the buffer is unloaded/deleted/wiped.
      > I have a couple of functions like:
      > function! s:Init_buffer_variables()
      > if exists( 'b:initialized_RH_buf_vars' )
      > return
      > endif
      > let b:initialized_RH_buf_vars = 1
      > ...
      > if b:restore_cmdheight > 0
      > let &cmdheight = b:restore_cmdheight
      > endif
      > ...
      > endfunction
      > ... do lots of stuff, including setting b:restore_cmdheight ...
      > function! s:Restore_origin_window()
      > call s:Init_buffer_variables()
      > ...
      > let &cmdheight = b:restore_cmdheight
      > endfunction
      > It usually works fine, but there is some rare case I can't track down
      > where I get an error saying that b:restore_cmdheight is not defined.
      > When I restart the process, without quitting, the error is gone. At first
      > glance, it doesn't seem possible, since the init function is called a few
      > lines before the variable is referenced. I think it might have something to
      > do with re-"source"ing the file a few times, but I can't make it happen at
      > will.

      I use buffer variables too but never observed this problem. The only
      reason I can think of is that your script temporarily jumps to a
      different buffer in the same window or in a different window (which
      doesn't have the variable defined) when the code gets executed and that
      is what is causing the error. Put some :echomsg or :Decho (using
      Dr.Chip's plugin) calls with the current buffer number right before
      using the buffer variable in the problem area, and verify that you are
      actually in the right buffer.


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