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59606Re: When do buffer variables become undefined?

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  • drchip@campbellfamily.biz
    Jun 2 5:59 AM
      Quoting "A. J. Mechelynck" <antoine.mechelynck@...>:

      > Eric Arnold wrote:
      > > As I understand it, buffer variables are local and persistent to each Vim
      > > buffer in which the script is executed, so once defined, they should be
      > > valid until the buffer is unloaded/deleted/wiped.
      > The above omits the part where b:restore_cmdheight is created; we see
      > s:Init_buffer_variables() called from s:Restore_origin_window() but we
      > don't see where s:Restore_origin_window() is called.
      > See ":help debug-scripts" about finding out what happens within Vim,
      > what is executed by sourced scripts, etc.

      May I suggest that you check into Decho.vim --

      You'll need to instrument your code (ie. insert calls to Dfunc(), Decho(),
      and Dret()), but then you'll get an activity trace.

      Chip Campbell
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