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57838Re: easy alignment

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    Apr 3 6:08 PM
      V.Chandrasekaran wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I have a bunch of lines like below completely misaligned:
      > abc
      > def
      > ghi
      > I want to quickly align the starting position of these 3 lines at say,
      > column
      > number 30. Can I record a macro using the internal 'current column number'
      > variable and the constant '30' to do this ?
      > thanks,
      > chandra.
      You can do it with a substitute command, as follows:

      1. visually select the lines you want to change (move the cursor to the
      first one, hit Shift-v, move the cursor to the last one).
      2. Hit the colon key. ":'<,'>" appears (without the quotes) on the
      3. Complete the command line as follows (untested):

      :'<,'>s/^\s*/ {29}/

      which means: In the visually selected lines ('<,'>), replace spaces and
      tabs (\s) at the left margin (^), zero or more of them but as many as
      possible (*) with 29 spaces ( {29}). Then press Enter on your
      command-line to make the substitution.

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