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  • antti
    Apr 1, 2005
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      I have mappings:

      inoremap { {<CR>}<C-O>O
      inoremap [ []<LEFT>
      inoremap ( ()<LEFT>
      inoremap " ""<LEFT>
      inoremap ' ''<LEFT>

      ...in my .vimrc. This all works fine with regular vim but with gvim the
      { doesn't give me the closing }. Also in gvim If I insert ' I get ''
      but then when I want to delete the first ' and hit backspace (in insert
      mode right after typing ') it just won't do that. This is just with
      gvim, vim works correctly.

      I would also like to know if it's possible to make the scrollbar only
      scroll where there is some content (gvim). Now it scrolls as far as
      half-screen down with empty lines (marked as ~ ). What I really want is
      that the scroll bar would act as usual scrollbars do: the longer the
      text the smaller the scrollbar, without showing the empty lines. Now
      it's allways the same size.

      The OS is macosx, if it matters...

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