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56881Re: Receiving ouput of shell command in vimscript howto

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  • jamessan@jamessan.com
    Mar 2, 2005
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      On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 11:46:41AM -0800, Shaw Vrana wrote:
      > > On 2005-03-02, Arun Easi <aeasi@...> wrote:
      > > let myfile=substitute(system('find . -name '.myfile), "\n", "", "")
      > A bunch of helpful answers here. I had not known of the 'system' command-
      > this will come in very handy. Thanks you all for helping me further along
      > the learning curve!
      > The system() call is mentioned in chapter 27 of Qualine's good Vim book, but I
      > apparently cannot read. :(

      You can also access an alphabetical list of functions via:

      :help functions

      or grouped by what they're used for:

      :help function-list

      That may (and probably does) have functions that aren't listed in the
      Vim book.


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