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56420Re: Swap file cannot be opened

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  • Karthik Krishnan
    Feb 8, 2005
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      Thanks a bunch Sebastien. That really helped.

      Yes that was the windows gVim that I've been using on cygwin.
      One last question, I've been trying to disable the swap file creation.
      Often if I try to open a file in a directory as in
      gVim /somedir/subdir/somefile
      the file often fails to open cause it throws up an error as in :
      E303: Unable to opne swap file for "\somedir\subdir\somefile" [New File]

      I am guessing that's cause of permissions too, but surprisingly all
      directories in the tree have rwx permissions.

      Any suggestions.

      Thanks again for your time.

      Jean-Sebastien Trottier wrote:

      >Hi Karthik,
      >It seems as though you are talking about the Windows version of gvim,
      >not gvim compiled for Cygwin, right?
      >The Windows version of gvim does not know anything about the special
      >ACLs (Access Control Lists) that Cygwin uses. Creating a new file on
      >Windows' Notepad would also create a "executable" file.
      >You should be able to work around this issue by changing the
      >"backupcopy" variable in gvim. See:
      > :help 'backupcopy'
      >You should try ":set backupcopy=yes" (without the quotes), this will
      >make sure that the original permissions on your files are left
      >Good luck,
      >On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 07:15:01PM -0500, Karthik Krishnan wrote:
      >>Dear VIM users and developers,
      >>When I open files and save files using gVim from my cygwin shell, their
      >>permissions get set to executable. This messes up their colouring and
      >>cvs writes. Setting umask to 644 did not help. This does not happen when
      >>I open files with vi or vim. Has anybody had the same problem ?
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