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56317Re: Any way to put tabs in foldtext?

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  • Raja Koduru
    Feb 4, 2005
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      Luc Hermitte wrote:
      > * On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 08:25:02AM +0530, Raja Koduru <kscraja@...> wrote:
      >>>>I am using gVim 6.3.30, on a Fedora Core 3 linux machine. The
      >>>>documentation for the foldtext variable (which defines what is
      >>>>shown for a folded group of lines) says that any tabs are
      >>>>converted into spaces. Myself, I prefer to just show the first
      >>>>line as it is (tabs and all), and use the foldcolumn option to
      >>>>tell if there is a fold or not. Is there any workaround that
      >>>>anyone knows of that would allow me to do this?
      >>>You can substitute leading tabs by as many strings of &tabstop spaces.
      >>>That is what I use into:le
      >>Please suggest on how to use this script. or methods to verify if this
      >>really loaded by vim and is working.
      > This script is a fold plugin for C and C++. It defines two functions
      > used in 'foldexpr' and in 'foldtext'.
      > It is loaded from my .vimrc (available on my site) thanks to a few
      > autocommands very similar to the ones used to load ftplugins.
      > It should be droppable as it is into {rtp}/ftplugin/c/, and get loaded
      > automatically for C and C++ files.
      >>Is there any help which i should be reading first ?
      > May be
      > :h fold.txt
      > ?
      When i enable these fold-scripts, the file loading is taking 4 to 6
      seconds for a file of size 557 lines. This load time is even worse for
      larger files. But when is use ...

      autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.[ch],*.cpp syn region myFold start="{"
      end="}" transparent fold

      file loading is not taking much time.Is there anything that I should be
      doing to resolve this. Or is the default load of the scripts. My system
      configuration: P3-1G Hz-256MB Ram-XP

      raja koduru
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