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56234enter in a map statement

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  • Robert Bram
    Jan 31, 2005
      Hi All!

      I used this function on Linux a while ago:

      " define a function for cycling the tabstops from 2 -> 4 -> 8 -> 2
      set ts=4 sw=4
      function Toggle_Tab_Width()
      if &ts == 2
      set ts=4 sw=4
      elseif &ts == 4
      set ts=8 sw=8
      set ts=2 sw=2

      " call the funciton via the ex style command ':TG<ret>'
      command TG call Toggle_Tab_Width()

      " set up Function-Key-1 to run the function. <F1> normally
      " invokes help, but you can still get to that via :help.
      unmap <F1>
      map <F1> :TG^M

      " Allow this to work in insert mode too.
      unmap! <F1>
      map! <F1> <esc>:TG^Mli

      But now I am in Windows with gvim - what should I use for the "^M" char to
      represent "<enter>"? The page says "CTRL-V<return>" but that, of course, is
      "paste" in windows...


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