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55704Re: ~/.vimrc under windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Jan 4, 2005
      Hello Neil

      > I would like to know where to place my personal .vimrc when using
      > gvim under Windows and where I should place it.
      I think the best way is to open vim or gvim and then type

      :echo $HOME

      On the other hand, if you open a dos or cmd window and then type
      `echo %HOME%´, as others have suggested, you may get the stupid
      output `%HOME%´ only, because %HOME% may not be defined. However,
      within vim or gvim the $HOME variable is always defined somehow (as
      %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% if %HOME% is not defined, else as %HOME%)

      I use to place my personal vimfiles directory also to the place that
      vim shows by `:echo $HOME´. Within the vimfiles directory you can
      put personal plugins, syntax color definitions etc.

      I hope that helps.
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