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  • George
    Jan 1, 2005
      I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I'm hoping someone here already
      has solution as to how to accomplish this. You'd think finding a list
      of what command-line options are available would be a simple thing...

      The closest I've come is repeated references to the followng:

      mozilla -a firefox -remote 'openURL(%s,new-tab)'

      which is supposed to be Linux-specific. Either way, it doesn't work.
      And executing something like

      firefox index.html

      directly on the command-line forces a delay while Firefox does its best
      to try and resolve www.index.html.

      To try and make this message a bit more on-topic, I did stumble across a
      page which purports to explain how to implement vim-like keybindings in
      Firefox. The address is http://www.calmar.ws/firefox/index.php for
      anyone interested in giving it a shot. I'm too busy with pressing my F5
      key for the moment.

      Oh, and Happy New Year! to everyone.

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