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53910Mandrake problems again

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  • Guido Milanese
    Sep 30, 2004
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      Dear all,
      I am sorry to ask again a very basic question. I decided to give up my attempt
      to compile gvim 6.3, and to install again the 6.2 version that came with
      Mandrake 10.0 official version. I removed the rpm and installed again the
      rpm. But the situation is now:
      (1) no menus shown in the graphical interface. Is there an option to set them?
      (2) no help files. As I type :help I get this error message:
      Sorry, help file "/usr/share/vim/doc/help.txt" not found
      In fact, help files are apparently in
      so I can make a symb. link.

      But I cannot understand this mess. Any help appreciated!


      Guido Milanese
      Vocal Ensemble Ars Antiqua, Genova (Genoa), Italy
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