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53897Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Sep 30 7:43 AM
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      Hi Bernd

      >> But they seam not be very practical to me:
      > I use gvim as editor and/or viewer inside several applications.
      > Nearly each of them writes the whole path of gvim into the registry.
      > Hence I've had a lot of registry entries like "foo=c:\...\VIMxyz\gvim.exe".
      > Really annoying if I changed the VIM version.
      > Therefore since some time I'm using a junction point ...
      > IMHO very practical. My next vim update should be very simple :-)
      I see! But googling around gave me the impression that this is an
      undocumented feature of NTFS. So I was afraid to play with it and to
      spend an undefined amount of time to finding out how it works and
      how to restore data when my file system is down. Perhaps I am wrong :-\

      However I never doubted the fact that "real" symbolic links would be
      a fine and practical thing.

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